Ensuring the success of current and future Investment portfolios

This winter, the Investment and Risk conference on 1st December will bring together leading institutional investors, Finance Directors, CIOs and industry experts to examine the prevailing risk management landscape and determine its impact on investment decisions and asset allocation.

This exclusive Professional Pensions event will lay the foundation for informed decision making, highlighting investment opportunities in light of the current economic environment.

The agenda has been researched and written to accommodate both public and private pension scheme members in order to guide their selection of investment processes to overcome volatility; provide updates on the latest developments in pension scheme de-risking; debate the best way to reduce risk in your scheme; and look at how your risk management process can operate more effectively.

Featured topics:

  • Economic overview (navigating a fragile market)
  • Liability driven investments for all?
  • Pension scheme and risk management: A vital pairing
  • Multi asset: A source of return and stability?
  • Panel Debate: Passive vs. Active

Questions we'll answer:

  • What are the requirements for a robust governance structure?
  • How can investors utilise multi asset strategies in order to maximise returns while minimising volatility?
  • How effectively can fiduciary management be used as a tool to help manage and reduce investment risks?
  • Can schemes take sponsor views into account in investment matters?
  • How best to operate and achieve the desired return on investment during a volatile economic climate?

Do you want to?

  • Streamline your investment decision making processes?
  • Build on your knowledge of asset classes and successful investment strategies? 
  • Ensure you are meeting your fiduciary responsibilities?
  • Learn about new investment opportunities? 
  • Hear about winning risk management strategies?


CPD Accredited